Good Mythical Morning

Progress Notes 2

Northen Exposure

I’ve never been slapped before. Scratched and bruised in, what did mother call them? Spirited disagreements with my many siblings, run ragged and broken in training exercises, bitten and stabbed by goblins, sliced and coated in toxic gnoll vomit … but never slapped. Not until yesterday that is.

Can’t say that I much care for it, part of me wants to be angry with him at the indignity of it, but I have to admit that I probably deserved it. Still it was either laugh or hit someone and I think I chose the better of those options. An altercation at the gates would have helped no one, but it would have made me feel marginally better perhaps.

I’d believed, there for a moment upon seeing the fortified and manned walls that they’d done the right thing. That upon hearing of this threat to their citizenry they’d mobilized from their far-off capital and brought the power of their nation to bear upon this northern foe. Thalron and Ladonia are no longer allies and that seems to be true as they’d mentioned ‘the Legion turning their backs on them’ something that merits further investigation later, but I well remember stories from the glory days of when they were. Allies that is. Tales of phoenix knights and battle lines that never wavered. Together we broke the southern empire and taught them that slavery and oppression would no longer be tolerated in this world…. what happened?

They were never perfect, we ourselves are not nor have we been PERFECT. The Coruscations teach us that perfection is a lie and an unworthy goal. This though? This is country and its practices are beyond flawed. How many were turned away at the gates before we arrived? How many more will be sent to fend for themselves now that we’re gone? And for what? Because sending more aid would be an inconvenience? Because of the nature of supply and demand or whatever other bullshit they’d like to spout to justify sitting back on the plump magical asses and not actually doing anything to save the people who rely on them?

We head north in hopes of cutting this incursion off at the source and investigate the faction that has caused this sudden southern push. I know that logically it is the right move, that it makes the most sense for all of those in this odd bunch I’ve found myself thrown in with, but … part of me balks at it. Part of me wants to stay here and push back, FORCE them into action even if doing so would ultimately solve nothing and likely result in all our deaths.

Jlyne cautions mercy and patience .. but after seeing those children on the tree I find that I have little of either. I want someone to bleed, for doing it, for letting it happen in the first place. Is that something new? Something related to what happened to us in that ruin? Undo influence by these new traveling companions? Or just a facet of myself I’ve not yet had to face before now? Either way I pray that the Undying Lady will give me the wisdom and fortitude to see this through, to not be blinded by this drive of … retribution.

Preserve life first, there is enough ruin and destruction here in the world.

I shouldn’t need to remind myself of this so often, but, well, as stated before none of us are perfect.


LordCerigo LostPixie

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