Good Mythical Morning

That happened

And now, I'm never going home again.

Whatever those spirits were, they can rest now.

Whoever this girl is. We’ll get her out of here, and then maybe I’ll just go drink myself into a stupor.

In the end, we were given something. Falei knows what, but it’s powerful. Powerful and easily sensed. Going home was already hard enough. I just can’t now. Not with this. Between my parents attempting to sell me off for stock, and the college wanting to undoubtedly split me open and find out WHAT it is I’ve got….

Right, can’t think about that. What I can think about is what next. This gift, whatever it us…it’s changing me. Subtle, but it’s there. I feel…well I guess the term is alive. My usual magics feel more substantial, and otherwise…well otherwise there is some testing to be done. In a place where it can neither been seen nor scried. The potential is endless, I feel.

But is the capability worth the risk?


LordCerigo SIlentfaythe

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