Celestial Pantheon

Ianna: The first god. Domains: Fire, Healing, Sun, Glory
Ozerick: Consort to Ianna. Domains: Earth, Luck, Artifice
Ninlil: Queen of Air. Domains: Air, Travel
Ki: Deceased. Domains: Magic. It is her power that Arcane spell casters channel.
Sister of Ki: Name has been lost/stricken. She is served by only monsters now.
Anu: The great protector. Domains: Glory, Nobility, Protection
Enkil: Overlord of Water: Domains: Water, Weather

Origin Story

The legend states that the land itself was once alive. First there was the void. Eternal nothing hat streaked from one end of the universe to the other. Darkness shrouded the universe, ts tendrils choking anything that would even have a dream of forming in its oppressive grasp. That is all but Ianna. It was her spark, her desire to not give into the void at caused the first light to force back the void. The void screamed its defiance, lithering away knowing full well that while all it took was a single spark to send it running, eventually the fire would fade and then it could take back what was rightfully his. He would just have to simply wait.

Others were drawn to Ianna’s light. Forming in the warmth of her gaze, and the strength of her love. Ozrick was first and closest to Ianna. It was no surprise that the first companion to the young Goddess also became her first consort. Then came the maiden, Ninlil. The light and warmth of the first goddess melted the ice maiden countenance and brought forth the Queen of Air. Soon after the arrival of Ninlil, Ianna had her first children. They were named Ki and Nel and through them live flowed and coalesce into the first mortal races. With the mortal races brought the protector Anu. Shielding the family with his great size. Last was Enkil, the lord of Oceans. Together they watched how life developed on Ki and Nel. Each provided a gift to the sisters. Ianna gave her warmth so that the mortal races would forever know her light and be
able to know that as long as she shines the darkness would be held at bay. Ozrick gave his children the gift of imagination. Anu gave the people the gift of law, order and above all the belief in themselves that no matter how dark it may be they would always cling to their life tenaciously. Last but not least Enkil gave the people the serenity of a still lake and the passion of the turbulent ocean.

There was a moment where perfection reigned, and then that moment faded. Nel had grown jealous
of her sister. She was closer to the light of their Mother and was always given everything first. The jealously slowly became anger, and the anger turned to hate. It was then that the darkness struck its first blow in the form of a whisper. “You are worth so much more.” Nel believed that whisper and she turned that growing hate inward. Her heart grew cold and black and the people that were once the pride of all creation turned on each other. The malice grew as time passed and soon the whisper came back “You diverse it all” and she believed.

There was chaos within the heavens as Nel sought to take her sisters place. Empowered by the void
and taken by surprise even the might Anu was unable to stand against her Icy Rage. Soon she arrived at the feet of her mother and screamed that she was better then her beloved first born. That only she had rights to her light. Before Ianna could speak, Nel moved to strike. The only thing that stopped the terrible blow was Ki. She stood between her deranged sister and the light that kept them all safe.

Ki sacrificed herself not only for the Gods but for the mortals that looked up to them. With her dieing words she asked for two things. For her sister to be forgiven, and for her people to be looked after. Through all the hate and rage Nel saw her sister dieing and realized that the whispers were all a lie. Ki truly was the better of all of them and with that knowledge she ran. She ran past the light of Ianna and into the darkness.

She was never heard from again.

The creator gods now look after the children of Ki but vow never to get involved with her children. The watch and protect from afar giving them their own lives, and their own will. Just as the free spirited and loving daughter would have wanted.

Celestial Pantheon

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