Social Structure

Slaves – debtors, prisoners, foreigners all fill this category they are either not strong enough to protect their freedom or have been beaten and broken until there is nothing left to truly live fore.

Citizen – free men and women that do not have any slaves to their name. They may own property and have basic protected rights. If they are unable to pay their ever increasing tax burden their assets are taken and can be pressed into slavery

Grey Clad – Middle class or other well off merchants. They own anywhere between ten and one hundred slaves. They are able to provide for their house and survive the governmental taxes and levees either through bribery, threat, shrewd business or all three.

Black Clad – Nobles that own over one hundred slaves, have been recognized by the council and are given a parse of land to look over. They are often seen ruling medium sized towns or business of large import.

Red Clad – Own five hundred or more slaves personally, it is not uncommon for a red clad to be a head of a black clad family. Truly successful red clad can gift slaves to family members or other loved ones to elevate them. They are second only to the council are often oversea fiefs or other large sections of land, serve as general in the military or run a very important section of the government.

Council- Ruling body of Gliara, each seat has purview over sections of the nation. They are permitted to wear gold on their clothing. Elevated from the red clad. Such offices include Seat of Slavery, Seat of Commerce, Seat of Military, other seats exists but are not well known to all but the highest of ranks.

Council members often take the name of the previous seat, rarely differing from this tradition.


Gold is not used as a means of commerce. Instead enchanted vellum is the primary means of exchanging goods.

1 Gold can often be exchanged for 1-3 Triangles based on how much the money changer expects to get away with.

6 Triangles = Circle
10 Circles = 1 Square
10 Squares = 1 Scroll

This currency can double as arcane material components for spells.


Slave Soldiers – Fodder, Chaff, Decoys, they are given a weapon and sent to the front lines with the promise of freedom after twenty battles. Few live this long. They are controlled most often out of fear or hunger.

Free Swords – Free men that have enlisted either as a last resort from debt or because they have no other marketable skill other then combat. Regiments are often lightly armored and trained with sword, pike, and sometimes bow.

Truth Bringers – Slave soldiers that have been trained since birth. They are pitted against each other in pits only letting the strongest survive and join the unit. They never surrender and often go into battle without a single word or battle cry. They are armed with medium armor, and often carry two swords.

The Blood – Elite Truth Bringers that are highly prized. They are loyal to a fault to their masters and are among some of the best martial powers known to man. They specialize in covert operations or other special forces.


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