Political Organization: Enlightened Monarchy. Ruled by King Jonathan Forsythe, Paladin of Faenor. Currently unwed.

Religious Organizations: The two primary churches of the state belong to Faenor and Jlyne. There are smaller followings among the younger generations, usually before the compulsory service in the military for Cayden and Desna. Within the last century there has been a marked increase in the worship up Leivin.

The faithful have gathered into seven aspects each with its own order house within the capital city. Each house is lead by an Aspect. It is thought that they are divinely blessed by their devotion and are largely remembered in prayer and devotions.

Order of the Heart: Commune with the Divine and look to it for guidance
Order of the Spirit: Commune with the self and seek guidance from within
Order of the Mind: Seek out knowledge in all its forms and preserve it for the future
Order of Direction: Preserve the faithful, in all its forms
Order of the Body: House of the healing arts
Order of Defense: Safeguard the faithful by harnessing mortal might for protection
Order of the Arcane: Expand the knowledge of magic in all its uses.

Economic Exports: Iron, Gold, Silver from the mountainous region. Wheat from the plains.

Allies: Ancient Allies with the Dwarves; Recent Allies with Varsia; Former Allies with Thaldonia

Enemies: Any who would pursue evil

Military Organizations: One of the most militaristic kingdom in the world. The majority of its strength rest in four elite units comprised mostly of the nation’s paladins.

Notable Divisions:

1st Paladin Division: Primary division for activities outside the kingdom.

Former Leader Mithanial Marr

Deployed recently to the town of Sandpoint to contain an resilient strain of undeath. Was discovered to be infiltrated by the Lamia Matriarch Xanesha. The division returned back to Ladonia as a disgraced unit.

2nd Paladin Division: Primary division for border security, the first line of defense against incoming invasion.

3rd Paladin Division: Primarily tasked with the religious health of the nation, responsible for many of the construction projects as well as overseeing and staffing of the schools. This division has the largest mix of clerics.

4th Paladin Division: Primarily Tasked with the the care taking of the people, act as a police force when required

Current Leader: Erollisi Marr


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