Lunar Pantheon

Selene: The first god to ascend to the heavens. She settled on the moon making the lunar sphere the domain of the divine. In life she was the finest archer to ever walk through the forest that she would call her home. It was said that she could fire an arrow through a wall, cause it to bounce and ricochet several times before finding its mark. Domains: Magic, Knowledge and Plants.

Aelnor: The first druid. It was he who learned to harness the gifts of Ki and bring them to bare against her enemies. He was a force of nature and all that stood before him would perish. It was the love of Selene and the guidance of her arrows that brought him out of his anger and into his full power as a god. Domains: Animal, Repose, Weather.

Jlyne: Called the undieing. She is the only elf to ever rise to the Celestial sphere. Everywhere she went she brought the light of Ianna. Those she touched were blessed and those that possessed black hearts burned in her presence. It is thought that when she is not in the lunar palace that she resides in the heart of the positive energy plane watching over her people and keeping them from harm. Domains: Healing,Protection, Glory, Law

Faenor: The builder. It was he that brought civilization to the dark places. Many of the great cities owe their very existence to Faenor. Without him the untamed wilds would still be covering the lands. Woe be to anyone that endangers what he had built. It was Faenor that started the first library. Domains: Law, Strength, community, Knowledge.

Desna: It is thought that perhaps Desna is the oldest of the lunar gods. That she is a remnant of the creator. While they fought and loved. Desna placed the stars in the heavens so that the people could always have hope. She has made no move to correct the story. Domain: Chaos, Liberation, Luck

Cayden Cailean: The youngest of the lunar gods. He was one of the finest fencers in the land. As his reputation grew so did the list of people trying to prove their worth against them. As the bodies piled up that threw themselves at his blade for honor and glory Cayden ran. He traveled the world, wishing to see all its blessings and all of its women. It was a fateful night, that a friendly wager was placed. Find the cup of the moon. He was young, drunk, and brave so he accepted the quest from the father of the girl he had just turned into a woman. When he arrived back in town with the cup in his hand, he had no memory of the trial that brought him there or how he had become a god. He kissed the hand of the first diciple of Cayden and ascended into the heavens. Domains: Chaos, Charm, Strength, Travel

Falei: Fireborn Falei. She sought power above all else. There was nothing that could stand in the way of her thirst for power and magical knowledge. Nations were formed and shattered at the wave of her hand. It was no surprise to anyone that had the fortune or curse to stand in her presence when she ascended to the moon. Domain: Magic, Destruction, Rune.

Thrias: Thrias the Stubborn. Only Dwarfish Deity. Thrias was everything that his people could wish for. He was always the first one to the shadow lands and the last to leave. Some say that he is even there to this day. Buried in the countless bodies of shadows and shades. His great two-hander always seeking a new monster to fell. Domains: Strength, Glory, Liberation, War

Ussan: The god of the forgotten nomads. It is said that after his wife was murdered before his very eyes that something in the soon to be god snapped. He hunted down the people that killed his wife but did not stop there. He found everyone that they had ever loved, that they had ever touched and killed them all. The only sign that he had passed through a town was the half eaten hearts of his victims. The cries of his rage can be heard as the very sky bleeds with his latest victim. Domains: Choas, Madness,Strength, War

Adani: The whispering shadow. It is unknown just when Adani became a god. What is known is that
every mark he acquired did not live long enough to see the sun rise again. Some believe that the very darkness would take those that Adani set himself up against. His name is never said above a whisper fearing that if it is spoken too loud, that they will be his next prey. Domains: Luck, Trickery, Darkness

Leivin: The songs go that Leivin was a handsome, charming and above all very lucky man. It is also known that Leivin wrote all the songs that go on in such detail. What is known is that where ever he travels he quickly gains the ear and the good nature of those in power. What his plans are for those that enter into his good graces is anyone’s guess. Those that have will not speak of it but what ever the secret is, it is worth its weight in gold. Domains: Charm, Nobility, Luck

Lunar Pantheon

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