Good Mythical Morning

Amryn's Journal - 2

The Rambling Ramblings of Teenage Girl

It is not at all like I thought it would be. Oh indeed there was the standard fare. Gruesome spider monsters, strange and wondrous arcane marvels from a time long past. But there is also dust. EVERYWHERE.

Drink of water? Tastes like dust. Try to choke down rations before bed? Somehow bits of spiderweb find their way on to it making the already less than pleasing texture that much worse.

Stories never talk about dust (save for those times when it provides for a telling clue like a footprint or some such nonsense). They don’t talk about the way it coats your skin and makes your eyes feel like a peeled grape.

Don’t get me wrong, I became … disheveled in our travels before this. Mud, blisters, something that was disturbingly NOT mud. But I guess I thought that after reaching civilization again and throwing my lot in with this bunch things would magically change. A silly thought in retrospect.

My companions bear it well enough and I must come to face the fact that this must be something that everyone experiences and grows accustomed to. Even my beloved Jonathan has spent nights like this, and while I do not like to think of him in anything less than health and comfort I will admit that part of me that takes solace in the thought of him … less than immaculate; filled with the same resolve to stay and unravel more of the mystery that I find myself with.

Argh, I had meant to say more, but I fear my days of choosing a book over sleep are at an end. It is time to say goodbye to Hanna and prepare to turn in. I worry about her, even after all these days she still seems to hold some doubt that I will succeed in calling for her again. It is in her eyes… and the fact that she insists on goodbye instead of good night. Stubborn creature. As if I could face any of this without her.


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