Good Mythical Morning

Nathalia's Prayers

A verbal record of Nathalia's prayers to Jlyne


I don’t know what brought me to this place. Certainly, I’d heard the rumours of the Calling, and I thought it would be an interesting thing to view, but I felt more aimless than anything as I travelled there.

Though, shortly after my arrival, I knew there had been a reason for journey. it seemed painfully evident, from the moment that a poor man had spiders spill from his mouth and a thoughtless warrior decided the best way of dealing with this threat was to kill the poor afflicted gentleman. I imagine he was a simple man, one who knew nothing of what had happened to him, or why he was so afflicted, and his life was cut shorter than needed.

Jlyne, as a healer, as your cleric, I strive to bring peace and health to those around me. Yet, there was little I could do as this life was snuffed out before me. The best I could do was try to safeguard the people of the village, using the flame of my torch to discourage the spiders from spreading further into the village

Once the spiders had been vanquished, with some aid from others who had come to view the Calling, I offered healing to those who needed it in your name.

Then, we were told by some official, that it was our duty, as citizens, to quest for the source of these spiders and destroy them.

My lady Jlyne, I felt once more as if I had returned to slavery. This man was choosing my path for me, nay telling me where I must go, and what I must do. And while it’s possible that I would have gone if I had been asked, the lack of choice still leaves me feeling powerless and angry.

Though, I do hope that I can provide some wisdom to this group of travellers, I also fear that they may choose not to listen to me. Please, I pray, grant me the wisdom and the words, to help those I journey with.


LordCerigo Tayri

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