Good Mythical Morning

Nathalia's Prayers - Maariv - Day 2

Blessed Jlyne, I understand now why you have set me on this path. Though the adventurers continue to lack common sense, and make decisions which I cannot respect, I see the wisdom in your actions. Please forgive me for ever having doubted you. For while we have braved spiders and diseased bears, we have also encountered a powerful crystal relic which seems to see through time, and found another of your followers who had been entrapped in the ruins we now explore.

My heart may not have been devouted in this effort, based solely on the order of some noble, for it felt like slavery from which you had raised me up. I know better now and I swear to you, I will put all my effort into seeing this quest being successful now. I will guard and protect, I will heal and guide as best as I can.

I pray only you give me the wisdom I need to do so, and guide me forever to following your path.


LordCerigo Tayri

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