Good Mythical Morning

The Travels of Garviel and his Band of Adventurers

[An excerpt from page 38 of The Travels of Garviel and his Band of Adventurers ]

The excitement which spilled out of this simple, wholesome village in reaction to The Calling, now crawled with nether-spawned denizens. Guards returning from a nearby ruin had been cursed with gruesome magic, causing a great host of spiders to spill forth from every orifice attacking anyone who should be unlucky enough to be standing nearby.

In an attempt to thwart these creatures, a fire had been set in the middle of the swarm. This was to little avail, however, as now some of the guards and a poor cleric had been separated from the main group which had rallied under the Archivists shrewd guidance.

The villagers, though they worked with great diligence, could not fight their way past the horrendous tide. But all was not lost. For there was one whose courage itself could cause the gods themselves to pause and take notice.

He stood upon a rock, fire reflected in his obsidian eyes like the burning of the proud heart within his chest. Stonebraid stood in the midst of utter chaos. He saw the poor souls doomed to a fate of unimaginable suffering on the other side of a vast conglomeration of spider and fire and hesitated not one moment.

He crouched, bunching the powerful muscles of his legs, and with a mighty roar, jumped into the teeming swarm of spiders. With prodigious effort he moved like lightning itself through the spiders, through fire, and then through even more of these grotesque creatures. All the while swinging his powerful battleaxe to and fro. Though dangerous, he had made it!

At the last possible moment Thrias’ champion leaped out in front of a swarm of spiders heading for the helpless cleric, thwarting their advance and saving the day. Though she would never admit it. Her life and the lives of the remaining guards that she later healed belonged to this Dwarf…


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