Good Mythical Morning

Written Account of Grimmorn Stonebraid. II


Spiders. I’m beginning to think the entire surface world is nothing, but spiders. Just when I thought to thank Thrias for a reprieve from their webbed forest came a temple or fortress or whatever with even more of the shits. One day when my beard touches the floor and greyed beyond redemption I’ll find out who is responsible for such beasts turning so damn big. Not even big, but apparently able to conjure up spears and traps. For now I imagine it won’t be the last time I see these damn things. We’re camped right now in front of a large door. We’d taken quite a beating on the way here, so a small rest seemed a good idea. I will admit though, this place is a strange marvel. On the outside a beautiful construction of statues, but nothing that would’ve been out of the ordinary. On the inside, however, was a true treasure. I doubt any of my companions were able to understand or appreciate the construction of the inner chamber. No doubt they were more enamored with what lay inside the center… fountain? I’m not sure what to call it, nor did I pay loads of attention. I was far too busy admiring the shear craftsmanship of the hall. Smooth walls and doorways that reacted to the touch. Somewhere between magic and artisan work. It took my breath away and perhaps for the first time I came to admire something on the surface more than beneath it. As for my companions? I haven’t had much chance to get to know them any further. The bard still remains the closest thing to a friend I have up here. The cleric seems a little aloof and perhaps a bit too stubborn in her faith. The younger woman and her guardian have begun to speak up a little more, perhaps growing a drop more comfortable with us all.

The other younger woman… I’m not sure what to make of her yet. She’s talkative and inquisitive, but when it comes to battle she either waves her hands around like a daft fool or has aim that rivals the foolish archer we had. Truthfully it might’ve been a bit worse, given she shot me in the back and he hadn’t.

Speaking of the archer… he left in the night. Guess he was more of a thief than we’d thought. Given the fact he didn’t steal anything though, I’d wager nerves got to him more so and he took the cowards path. Good riddance I say. In place of him it seems we found another man who had accompanied the earlier group. He is.. unusual to say the least. Boisterous and loud and he doesn’t use a weapon. I think someone called him a …munk or something. I guess up here fighting with your fists against all manner of devilry is a common thing? I think it’s pretty damn foolish, but at least the man has courage. I can respect that.

A few more moments to close my eyes and then we continue. I’ll have to remind myself to see about getting some antidotes or alchemy healing done. One of those spiders bit me… and while I don’t feel the burn coursing in my veins, I still feel a little weaker than I should.


LordCerigo matthewlyon22

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