He is a human with soft features made hard by recent tragedy.
He has sandy blond hair and fair skin.
He stands about 5’ 9" tall.


Meet Garviel. Born the 6th son of a minor lord, and thus having no great claim to any rewards of nobility save a name and a small dispensation.

Garviel used this modest allowance to gain entry into the Miskatonic University, a small though prestigious school devoted to the all forms of intellectual pursuit, chief among which stood the anthropological study of ancient cultures. It was for this reason that Garviel relinquished his lordly right to much larger and more politically minded institutions. For Garviel was possessed of a great passion for all things ancient, arcane and esoteric. He levied his interest to great effect, spending many hours in researching long forgotten tomes and scrolls. He also demonstrated great aptitude for music. This student of the world fancied himself an adventurer, though as a cerebral effort rather than a physical one. Many hours did he spend waxing philosophically with his friends about the reclamation of long lost elder artifacts and using them to bring the light of civilization to an otherwise barbaric world. Garvy, as named by those close to him, calculated to spend his adult life in this carefree and comfortable space. Sadly this would not come to pass.

Conflict arose among two houses of such prodigious esteem and affluence that no less than a city state could be sufficient a stage for its resolution.

Counter-assault followed assault; human lives spend as freely as currency in this great game. It was in one such session of give and take that one of the great houses came in possession of the humble town in which Garviel and his home were settled. The other honorable house quickly took action to dispossess their contender of it. Liberation of the town destroyed it and burned the university to the ground. That night, while the refugees watched the glow from their former homes light up the sky, Garviel learned that, to the great gods and powerful people, human lives are no greater than ants to be tread on at a whim and all of the knowledge of the world alone could not save his beloved school.

Garviel returned to his ancestral home and prepared himself to trade words for action. He buckled on his rapier which he professed only to have passing skill in, hefted on his laden pack and set out on his journey.


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