Nadeline Rowe

Changeling Witch and Apothecary


Nadeline stands at 5’6", with ample curves quick to make most women envious. The Changeling has all the signs of her race: Fair skin, long flowing wavy black hair that falls just past the small of her back and heterochromia eyes, the right a light blue and the left a light lavender. Unseen to most are her unusual claw-like black fingernails that grow and harden on command, then retract to show normal human-like trimmed fingernails when hidden, yet another “gift” from her mother. The twenty year old woman was an early bloomer during her late teens, blessing her striking beauty with a sultry maturity beyond her years. The only physical indication of this young woman’s naiveté is the rather youthful brightness of her unique eyes.

On most occasions while in the family shop, Nadeline wears a simple cotton or linen skirt along with a linen shirt and corset that did much to enhance an ample bosom and her black or brown boots.

When in the city or out traveling she wears similar attire along with a flowing cloak and hood she nearly always has raised. Along her belt can be found several potions strapped into leather banded slots.

There is nearly never a time when her most cherished companion is not coiled around her left arm or about the back of her neck; her jet black viper, Percival.


The offspring of a horrific encounter between a Green Hag and an unlucky lust-drunken traveler, the tiny and sickly Changeling was destined for abandonment by her mother. Fairly certain that they could bring her daughter back to health and care for her well, the hag left the child at the doorstep Armond Rowe, the Apothecary in the town of Embrille. Together with his wife Beatrice they took the child in as their daughter, naming her Nadeline.

While the couple were not overly skilled in the arcane, both carried enough natural ability to gain them the status of merchants in the magical Thalron Kingdom. Armond was the chief apothecary, making the different concoctions sold at the shop while Beatrice ran the shop-front. The small family lived above their shop in a humble home where Beatrice schooled her in all manner of subjects, while her time spent outside the home was often spent out in adjacent woods and marshes gathering herbs and animals for potions with her father, sometimes gone for several days. Nadeline learned the craft and profession of her adopted parents from a young age and has since grown quite proficient in herbalism and alchemy.

Even as a child Nadeline proved to be quite the attractive girl, as all Changelings are, but it was her uncanny ability to seemingly entrance those around her that saved her from the potential ostracizing that a Changeling might encounter. Having a natural sultry deviance, Nadeline used her good looks to convince customers of the shop to buy more items than they came in for, or even items that they didn’t need. Still, Armond and Beatrice worried that their daughter had shown no magic ability, nearly a death sentence in Thalron.

Materials for the many concoctions the family sold came from all sorts of places, from herbs, to chemicals, to natural poisons and venoms. It was when Armond needed a specific venom from a viper that Nadeline’s life truly changed. Together Nadeline and Armond set out to the nearby marshes to find this snake, often times finding one or more but failing at capturing it. After three days, Armond had settled on the idea of hiring an animal handler to do the job for him, though the cost for such a service was rather steep.

Unsatisfied with this, the fourteen year old Nadeline set out without her father’s permission to try one last time to capture the creature. Once at their usual spot in the marshes, it did not take long for a viper to reveal itself, except that unlike all other times, this snake was neither intimidated nor frightened by Nadeline’s presence. To the girl’s surprise, the jet black snake slithered its way to her… and what was even more surprising… Nadeline felt oddly at ease and even comfortable in the presence of the viper. With a small smile the girl outstretched her arm, allowing the snake to coil around it, a bond that would not soon be broken.

As if tuning into the girl’s mischievous nature, the viper began to teach Nadeline magical abilities of trickery, including how to create mirror images of herself. Witnessing this magical spell done by their daughter, the Rowes were both ecstatic and relieved, believing their daughter to have finally tapped into her dormant arcanic abilities. Over the years, with the help of her viper, Nadeline’s abilities and repertoire continued to expand. Now quite confident in her abilities and with the enthusiastic encouragement of her parents, the 20 year old young woman hopes to catch the eye of the of one of Thalron’s prestigious academies at the annual event of The Calling.

Nadeline Rowe

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